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Katie Jordin is definitely one hot brunette. She has the face of an innocent girl next door. With her bob cut hair, her friendly eyes, and cute smile. But don’t get fooled because this girl turns into a feisty lady in bed. Katie Jordin has a long and slender body, she’s quite thin but she performs exceptionally well in bed. With the look of her ultra high heels, it looks like she just took her clothes off and is ready for some romancing tonight. You can tell she enjoys being naked and loves having sexy pictures taken.

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In this next scene we see Katie Jordin taking it all in. She doesn’t look like that innocent little girl we all used to know. The guy holds both of her legs up to allow easy penetration. Katie looks like a pro as her hot sex partner pumps his huge cock into her. They stare wildly at each other, while the guy continues to push his way into her, Katie looks like she’s in cloud 9. Is she lost in his eyes? Or is she just enjoying how this night is turning out to be?

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Here we see Katie Jordin giving oral sex. His cock is so big and is extremely thick that it barely even fits into her mouth, at first she only manages to lick the tip of it. She has to make an extra effort to plunge it into her mouth, and he enjoys every second of it. Lessons learned today? Never let this babe’s looks fool you, her angelic face can do a dozen things and one of it is still looking great even while giving a blowjob. She grasps his cock really tight and he seems like he’s having a lot of fun.


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This sly temptress is at it again. Katie’s looks like she’s totally in the zone, while the guy seems to be having a good time as he drives his cock deeper into Katie. Katie has a thin body, a great ass, and an innocent face which all looks perfectly naïve until you bring her to bed. He penetrates her deep, and not even half of his long and thick cock is inside her. Katie looks like a pro as she rides his cock, until they both pass out from exhaustion. Well, they had fun anyway.

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That sultry piercing stare, those gorgeous brown locks, and those lips that will leave you breathless. These are just some of the qualities that make Katie Jordin the babe to take home to bed. She’s gorgeous with her clothes on, but she’s even more beautiful once she takes them off. She has a slim body, and perky breasts. But look here? What is she holding? That tiny thing could be a vibrator? Or maybe she likes to insert it somewhere else? What do you think? Let’s wait and see what she does with it.

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Katie Jordin is an all in one package. This babe looks like the perfect girlfriend you can bring home to your parents and introduce to your friends. She has gorgeous brown hair, beautiful brown eyes, and sexy thin lips. But there is more to this girl than just her pretty face. She may be awesome outside, but she’s even better when she’s in your room. She’s wearing her favorite lace bra that holds her breasts just right. Don’t you want to just snag those away from her and do something even more fun?

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Katie Jordin definitely does not need a man or even a woman to satisfy her innermost desires. In fact she can do it all by herself. Looking at Katie’s face, that innocent smile reminds you of that girl next door, or your high school crush. But as you look down you’ll realize that this innocent looking gal isn’t so innocent after all. Watch as she touches herself and gets satisfied by her cute little fingers. Her bald pussy looks too innocent but wait and see what more she can do with that.

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Katie Jordin is one innocent looking bitch. Here she’s having a good time with her friend. Watch as she licks her friends pussy like a pro. Her friend is so in the mood and looks like she’s having an extremely good time. Pretty girls like Katie Jordin don’t just have beautiful faces; they also know how to work it in bed. See how her fingers almost touch her friend’s pussy which just adds a little more excitement to the moment. She continues to lick her friend’s pussy and doesn’t want to stop; her friend on the other hand doesn’t want this to end either.

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Wonder what would it look like if three equally gorgeous ladies all came together and had some sizzling hot lesbian kiss? Well, you are looking right at it. Katie Jordin and her friends just have a knack for being extra physical with each other. Their messy bed hair makes everything even sexier. Katie and her friends are still wearing their jewelry, I guess they just came home and couldn’t wait to start their little threesome. One of Katie’s friends gives her the tongue and get’s really cozy as they French kiss each other, while Katie’s other friend is busy giving her nipples a little sensation.

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Katie Jordin and her friends are the stars of the new Nubile Film. Watch as they start to get cozy with each other and have some hot lesbian romance. With these three gorgeous ladies in the room, who needs a hot guy? They can definitely do everything on their own. Katie seems that she’s into her dark haired friend as they look into each other’s eyes. Her red haired friend is busy licking her nipples on the side. All three girls have slender and thin bodies, gorgeous hair, and pretty faces. Watch the new Nubile Film and see what else they can do.